Ukraine Strip Clubs/Men’s Clubs

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In terms of quality/price comparison, I think the best strip clubs in Europe are in Ukraine.

In this post, I will give you general information, prices, rules and some tips about Ukraine Strip Clubs. Let’s get started right away.

What Is A Strip Club Like?

Strip clubs are adult entertainment establishment where you have to pay an entrance fee and sometimes a deposit fee, where Slavic chicks pole dance topless, most of which you can buy extra services.

4Play Odessa
Photo: 4Play/Odessa

Prices, Rules, Considerations

I mentioned that these clubs have an entrance fee. The entrance fee varies from club to club, but is between 200-750 UAH. I haven’t come across any club asking for more than 750uah, but it’s still possible. Beverage prices are also 30-50% higher than other nightclubs in Ukraine. Be sure to ask for the menu before ordering. If the menu is in Russian ask for an English menu, otherwise ask the waiter to translate. If you are shy about these things, you may have to endure surprises.

Some clubs charge a table deposit in addition to the entrance fee. What is table deposit? In addition to the entrance fee, you pay a deposit of 1000 uah per person (sample price, it can be more) and 1000 uah for drinks, snacks etc. quota is happening. You have to pay this amount whether you fill the quota or not. The goal is,  for 2 beers  keep away the walkers that have been occupying the table all night. The table deposit  is also very common in regular nightclubs in Ukraine.

But remember, hookah is not included in this deposit, in most places. You will have to pay extra for hookah. Of course, it is important to ask all these details at the entrance of the club in order to avoid surprises.

4Play Strip Club in Odessa
Photo: 4Play/Odessa

Lap Dance:

After the pole dance is over, the dancer goes from table to table and gives a lap dance to the customers for 1 song and gets a tip in return. Depending on the club, the tip ranges from 50-400 uah. Each club has a tip limit. At a club with a 300 uah tip rule, “I was thinking of giving 50 uah, what’s wrong bro, isn’t it a tip!” You can’t tell. πŸ™‚ In most clubs you don’t tip directly, they give you toy/fake money to exchange for tip. Girls don’t make money from what you eat and drink, they don’t work in the club. Sources of income are lap dance, private dance, erotic massage, and money from extra services, if any. For this reason, girls can be very insistent on lap dance or private dance in some clubs. You’ll lose a lot of money if you don’t explicitly say “no, I don’t want to”. Of course, we have to say it politely. We shouldn’t be too stingy. While the dancer is giving you a lap dance, some clubs won’t let you touch her. In some clubs you can only touch their legs or hips, while in some clubs you can touch their breasts and all but their genitals. You can ask this while the girl is lap dancing. Lap dancing girls either try to buy you a drink or try to lure you into a special dance to earn more. Of course, some clubs have back rooms. Girls can present different offers. Erotic massage, Blowjob or Sex.

Burlesque Strip Club in Odessa
Photo: Burlesque/Odessa

Private Dance:

I mentioned that girls will want to lure you into a private dance. Private dance is the event where it is just the girl and you in the private room, where in some clubs the girl undresses naked (normally dancers undress until they are topless on the pole but do not take off their panties), in some clubs the dancer sits on your lap and lets you lick her breasts and dances for 2 or 3 songs.

These issues vary according to the girl and the club. But sex is not possible in the private room, you cannot take off your pants or underwear πŸ™‚

Private dance fee varies between 500-1500 uah, which I have seen so far.

Axis Club in Odessa
Photo: Axis Club/Odessa

Other Services :

Some clubs have back rooms. This means you can get an erotic massage, bj or sex service that varies from club to club. Some clubs don’t have a back room, but you can take the girl to the hotel room. For example, in a club, i asked a dancer, β€œCan you come to my house?” If you give me 100$ and pay more for club 100$, I’ll come for an hour, she said. I wished him good luck and bid him farewell. But in the cheapest strip club I know in Ukraine, erotic massage in the back room is 1500 uah, bj is 1000 uah, and the sex is 2000 uah. These prices are for 2020. Don’t read the post after 3 years and accuse me of lying.
This strip club I’m talking about is in Kharkiv. It’s called the Moulin Rouge Club.

Split Show Bar in Odessa
Photo: Split Show Bar/Lviv

Detail Information – Strip Clubs Advice

Without a doubt, the most expensive strip clubs in Ukraine are located in Kiev. But the largest number of clubs and the most beautiful girls are in Kiev.

If you want to read my detailed post about Strip Clubs in Kiev, please click.

Odessa and Lviv are known for their inexpensive but high-quality strip clubs. You can find my posts about strip clubs in these cities here.

Kharkiv is home to the cheapest strip clubs in Ukraine. Especially Kharkiv Strip Clubs are my favourite. The dancers are more friendly and not too greedy, as there are not many tourists in the city.

Final Advice.

When giving your coat to the cloakroom, you should definitely keep your passport, money, wallet, etc. with you.  I have no affiliation with any of the strip clubs I mentioned, other than being a client. Prices, menu etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t go to unfamiliar places with little or no Google reviews. I have never been ripped off in these places until now, but I have never neglected to be cautious. I hope it was useful. Have fun.

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