The Best 4 Strip Clubs in Odessa

Odessa is undoubtedly one of the most touristic cities in Ukraine. It attracts many tourists especially in summer with its beaches, party clubs, historical atmosphere and colorful nightlife. In this post I will share the 4 best strip clubs of Odessa.

If you need general information about Ukrainian Strip Clubs, I recommend you to read this post.

Let’s start!

1#  4Play Strip Club Odessa

Located in the city center, this strip club has been the best strip club in the city in recent years in terms of atmosphere, quality service and the beauty of the dancers. (my own opinion of course)

Although crowded on weekends, the girls’ dance shows and the atmosphere are worth seeing. I can also say that the prices are reasonable for such establishments.

As for crazy menu prices, deposit is 300 uah, private dance is 500 uah and table dance (lap dance) is 300 uah.Corona Extra Beer 110 uah, Mojito 220 uah,  Cappuccino 50 uah and pistachios 270 uah.

Photo: 4Play/Odessa

You can check the address of the establishment and the menu on the website. If you don’t know Russian, google translate will help you. :)) 4Play Strip Club

Honestly, I don’t know if there is a sex service in this establishment. However, in many strip clubs across Ukraine, it is possible to take the dancer to the hotel room for an hour, paying $100-200. I don’t usually get sex services from strip clubs because I think paying a girl more than $100 for an hour is a waste.

2# Strip Club The Office

Another strip club located in the city center, quite close to Axis Club. The girls are beautiful and sexy. The dance performances are impressive. An affordable establishment with a good atmosphere.

Photo: The Office Club/Odessa

Table Dance 100 uah, private dance 500 uah. Corona Extra 100 uah, Mojito 220 uah, Red Bull 90 uah, Cappuccino 60 uah.

I recommend checking current prices and address on the establishment website before visiting: The Office Club/Odessa

3# Burlesque Strip Club

 Burlesque is one of the popular strip clubs for tourists due to its sensual dancers, spacious 2-floor atmosphere, affordable prices and location in the city centre.

Photo: Berlesque Strip Club/Odessa

The entrance fee is 200 uah. Private dance 400 uah, table dance 200 uah.  Corona Extra 100 uah, Mojito 150 uah, Cappuccino 50 uah, Pistachios 120 uah.

You can check the prices and address on the establishment website: Burlesque Strip Club

4#  Le Rouge – Axis Club

A small strip club within walking distance of the city centre. Its former name was Axis. I like to hang out for a long time in small and cheap strip clubs. That’s why I’ve been in this strip club many nights.

Although the number of girls is small, the dancers are beautiful, young and performing well. I also remember that they did a shower show on stage from time to time.

Photo: Axis Club/Odessa

The entrance fee is 200 uah. They didn’t ask for a deposit when I visited, but I suggest you ask.Private dance 400 uah, table dance (lap dance) 200 uah.  Corona Extra Beer 100 uah, Mojito 150 uah, pistachios 120 uah.

You can check the prices and address on the establishment website:

There are more strip clubs in town than I wrote here. But I don’t think it would do you any good to share businesses that are notorious, poorly serviced, and view tourists as just “paying suckers”.

“The prices I have written here may change over time or I may be misremembering some of them. Therefore I do not accept responsibility. Do not forget to ask about the entrance fee and deposit fee entered into the establishment. Don’t forget to check the menu before ordering. Have fun!”

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