Strip Clubs in Lviv

Lviv is a city that attracts tourists not only with its historical atmosphere and concept cafes, but also with its nightlife.

Also, I can easily say that Lviv is a safer city than Kiev and Odessa. I tried to experience as many strip clubs as possible during my trip to Lviv. Before we start, if you want to learn about the rules and jargon of strip clubs in Ukraine, I recommend you to take a look at this post: “Ukraine Strip Clubs/Men’s Clubs”

Yes, I’m starting to tell about strip clubs in Lviv.

Eros Show Bar

Eros Show Bar is located right in the center of the city, on Rynok square. There were more than 10 dancers when I visited and due to it being a weekday I was the only customer. The girls were a little too insistent on ordering private dances or cocktails. Also, the girls on stage were just trying to make eye contact with me instead of giving a good dance performance. In short, since I was the only customer, I could imagine that they all saw me as a $$$ sign. I just drank a RedBull and left as the environment was uncomfortable for me. I don’t remember the menu exactly but the other drinks prices were almost the same as Pink Show Girls.

By the way, I’m guessing the girls will volunteer to go to the clients’ hotel for money. The girls who made eye contact with me looked like they were promising more than dancing. :)) Only 6th sense. But in general, the rule is the same in strip clubs in Ukraine. For $100-$200, many dancers will be willing to come to your room for an hour.

The entrance fee is 300 UAH. Red Bull 110 uah.

White Rabbit Show Bar

White Rabbit is also located in the city center. A small but well decorated strip club that looks like an antique store from the outside.

This club is a little cheaper than Eros Show Bar and there are dance shows with different costumes especially on weekends. The dancers are young, beautiful and  a little greedy because they are used to tourists πŸ™‚

Entrance fee 250 uah. Corona Extra Beer 145 uah, Red Bull 85 uah.
Lap dance 300 uah, Private dance 600 uah.


Split Show Bar

Split Show Bar is my favorite strip club in Lviv. Among the establishments I visited in Lviv, the dancers with the best pole performance were at Split Show Bar. Although it has a small space, I think it is the best quality strip club in Lviv. It’s also a bit cheaper than other strip clubs. Therefore, there are many customers even on weekdays.

The girls start dancing around midnight wearing movie character costumes. Pirate of The Caribbean, Secretary, Leelo etc. Most of the dancers are young and beautiful. They also don’t insist on being politely rejected. So I think this club has a good atmosphere.

Entrance fee 250 uah. Lap dance 200 uah. Private dance 500 uah. Corona Extra Beer 95 uah.

I think you now understand that my favorite drink is Corona.  :))

You can check current prices on the club’s website:

Pink Show Girls

Pink Show Girls is the strip club with the largest seating in Lviv. There are more than 20 dancers on the weekend. The variety of dancers is huge. Asian, African, Blonde, Redhead etc. There are many girls. Most of the girls are young and beautiful. But I can’t say that all of them danced well. I took a beautiful 20 year old chick to a private dance. But I have to say that she dances very badly πŸ™‚

While I was in the private dance room, I asked 2 different girls to come to my hotel room. But both dancers refused.

I guess that’s the bad thing about strip clubs in Lviv. Dancers do not care about dirty offers like in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkiv. High-end strip clubs in this city are only in show business. Of course, with big money, anything is possible. If I offered those girls $500 for 1 night, they probably wouldn’t have refused. But for a low-budget traveler like me, that’s 5 nights’ worth of pocket money.

By the way, I should say that Rafinad Bar, White Rabbit and Pink Show Girls clubs are affiliated with the same establishment. Therefore, the prices are the same.

Website:  Pink Show Girls

There are several more strip clubs in the city. Casanova Show Bar, Adam Men’s Club and Graff Gentlemen’s Club.

I was looking for a cheap little strip club where I could hang out for a long time. That’s why I went to Casanova but no one opened the door. I’ve read bad reviews online about Adam Men’s Club and Graff Gentlemen’s Club. I didn’t go these clubs  because I thought these clubs might be scammer establishments.

“The prices I have written here may change over time or I may be misremembering some of them. Therefore I do not accept responsibility. Do not forget to ask about the entrance fee and deposit fee entered into the establishment. Don’t forget to check the menu before ordering. Have fun!”

6 Comments on “Strip Clubs in Lviv”

  1. I turned down the offer of a private dance from a beauty in Eros, whereupon she told me she was hungry, and would I buy her something to eat. Later I thought maybe she confused the words hungry/thirst and eat/drink. Then I learnt Eros has a restaurant. What to make of this?

    1. I didn’t know Eros had a restaurant. I don’t think Eros is a very honest business either. I advise you to be wary of offers from the strippers at that club.

  2. I do got to ask you buddy.
    Im just wondering, we went to prague last year, and during a private show, you could touch the girls (in an ordenly manner so not touching intimite parts), but for the rest, about everything.
    For me as a german that is pretty unusual, because if you dare touch a girl in private show only a little theyll throw you out.

    Can girls be touched in lviv stripclubs during private dances?
    Planning to book a trip there this week, so if you could answer, ill be eternal gratefull πŸ™‚

      1. You the man buddy. We will do so. And, last question, the normal nightlife is okay there? Like some nice bars to have a drink etc?
        Thanks bud!

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