Strip Clubs in Kharkiv

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 Today I want to tell you about strip clubs in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv has good and bad sides of not being a touristic city. On the good side, Strip Clubs are cheaper and more honest than in Kiev and Odessa. The regulars of the strip clubs in this city are usually residents or foreign students. By the way, Kharkiv is a student and industrial city. There are many Arab, Turkish and African students in the city. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started.

1# Platinum Men’s Club

My favorite place before hanging out at the Moulin Rouge Club. I still like this club. A small club outside the city on the airport road. Although there were a few girls, the dancers all performed very well and danced with pleasure. I don’t like greedy, grumpy and arrogant dancers. That’s why my favorite were the dancers in this club.

Platinum Men's Club in Kharkiv
Photo: Platinum Men’s Club/Kharkiv

Last time I visited the entrance fee was 200uah, lap dance 100uah and private dance 500uah. They didn’t ask for a deposit fee. I would suggest asking if they still charge a deposit fee though.

I don’t remember the drink prices but I do remember it was cheap.Of course, as I always say, don’t forget to check the menu before ordering.

Photo: Platinum Men’s Club

There is no back room service at the club. But you can take some girls to the hotel room. I asked a girl if she could come to my room. She said I had to pay $100 to the club and $100 to her. :)) This is a really high price for a budget traveler like me. But I took another girl to a private dance another night. During the dance, with the help of google translate, I said “Do you want to come to my hotel tomorrow? I will pay you  for 1 hour 2000 uah + taxi fee”. She agreed and gave her her number. But I couldn’t meet the next day due to a mishap. In short, it is possible to negotiate with the girl secretly from the club and take her to your room. Of course, not every girl will agree.

Address:  Platinum Men’sClub, Haharina Ave 41, Kharkiv

2# Moulin Rouge Cabaret

Here is my favorite club of recent years. Cheapest strip club I found in Ukraine. Its former name was Vincent Club, but if I remember correctly, it changed its name in 2018. The lap dance cost was still 50 uah when I visited in the summer of 2020. (I think it’s 100 uah now) and you can touch her breasts during the lap dance. I’ve never seen this allowed during a lap dance in any other club. In some clubs, girls don’t even want you to touch them during a lap dance. They only allow this in private dance.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret in Kharkiv
Photo: Moulin Rouge Cabaret/Kharkiv

Prices. The entrance fee is 200 uah. They don’t want a deposit fee. Lap dance 100 uah. private dance 500 uah. Corona Extra beer 70 uah. I don’t remember the drink prices too much but it was cheap. I would even say it’s cheaper than many regular nightclubs. Don’t forget to check the menu though.

And we come to the most important point. You can get cheap back room service at this club. In the summer of 2020, the fee for blowjob was 1000 uah, erotic massage 1500 uah and sex (one shot) 2000 uah. Now the prices may be a little higher. There is high inflation in Ukraine and this affects the price of all kinds of services. But still I’m sure it’s still cheap. I hope to go again soon.

Photo: Moulin Rouge Cabaret/Kharkiv

There are 7-8 girls dancing in the night at the Moulin Rouge. 3-4 of the girls are beautiful and the others are below average. But as far as I can see, ugly girls are also quite sensual :))

The club does not have big and bright lights from the outside like the strip clubs in Kiev. For this reason, you have to press the bell and wait for the guard to open the door for a while, in order not to come back as you think it is closed.

Address:  Slov’yans’ka St, 10, Kharkiv.

3# Casta Club

Casta Club is the most famous and luxurious strip club in Kharkiv. There are  tall, young and beautiful many dancers. Honestly, I can’t say that it is a club that I like very much. The girls are arrogant and the employees are greedy. At one times they were rudely asking for 300 uah just for the cloakroom fee. This is purely a scam behavior. I don’t know if you still have the same problem.

Casta Club in Kharkiv
Photo: Casta Men’s Club/Kharkiv

Entrance fee 200 uah, lap dance 200 uah, private dance 500 uah.  Private dance is in 2 songs in other strip clubs in Kharkiv, but only in this club private dance lasts 1 song.
Corona extra 100 uah, Mojito 150 uah.

There is no back room service at the club and the girls refuse to come to the hotel.

You can check current prices and address on the club’s website:

4# Perfurmer Men’s Club

Perfumer Men’s Club is a strip club located outside the city, in the same area as Arkada Beach Club. I’ve been hearing his name for years. I also learned from a few of my friends that the club provides sex services in their rooms. But I have never visited there. Because as a solo foreigner, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go somewhere far from the settlement at night. I could not find any information about prices in internet search. I have not been able to understand the logic of organizations that have a website but do not list their prices.

Perfumer Men's Club in Kharkiv
Photo: Perfurmer Men’s Club/Kharkiv

You can check address on the club’s website:

5# Brutal Bar Kharkiv

A friend of mine mentioned this strip club. Newly opened. Honestly I haven’t visited there but I guess they have back room service. I will definitely visit it on my next Kharkiv trip.

Brutal Bar in Kharkiv
Photo: Brutal Bar/Kharkiv

I checked their Instagram page. Written prices. Entrance is 200 uah. Private Dance 500 uah and lap dance 200 uah.

Corona Extra Beer 90 Uah, RedBull 65 Uah.

You can check the prices on the club’s instagram page:

Address: st. Derevyanko, 7A, Kharkiv

There are several other small strip clubs in Kharkiv but I don’t know if they are still open. I haven’t checked other clubs in recent years, as The Moulin rouge Cabaret and Platinum Men’s Club have met my needs adequately. Actually, I was thinking of talking about the White Cockatoo club while talking about Kharkiv, but it doesn’t make any sense since it was closed by the police 3-4 years ago. Past is past. I heard that there is now a scam club with the same name. Keep in mind the white cockatoo was shut down years ago. If you read old articles and go to a club with this name, you will encounter scammers.

“The prices I have written here may change over time or I may be misremembering some of them. Therefore I do not accept responsibility. Do not forget to ask about the entrance fee and deposit fee entered into the establishment. Don’t forget to check the menu before ordering. Have fun!”

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