Lviv Hookers – Costs and Differents Types

Lviv Hookers

Hi guys,

Today I want to tell you about the Lviv Hookers. Costs and Different Types. Lviv is a city famous not only for its historical sites and architectural beauty, but also for its nightlife and strip clubs. As in many cities of Ukraine, you can find prostitutes and semi-pro girls in this city. Of course, your options will not be as many as in Kiev or Odessa.

Although prostitution is illegal in Ukraine, it is often tolerated. I guess the penalty in law for prostitutes is a small fee of around 250 uah. Of course, you can guess that corrupt cops earn much more than saloon owners or individual hookers.

Now the details.

Saloon Hookers

Throughout Ukraine, brothels provide services in apartments. In many salons 3-10 girls work in one night. When you enter the house, the girls are lined up in their underwear, you can choose the girl you like and either take her to one of the bedrooms in the apartment or take her to your own hotel room. These houses are secret because brothels are illegal in Ukraine. From the outside, it is no different from a normal apartment. The 3 most basic ways to visit houses and find prostitutes. 1-) Taxi drivers 2-) Internet Advertisements 3-) Tourist guides

I have visited brothels before with the help of taxi drivers. But with the spread of the internet, I no longer need it. In fact, in recent years, I no longer need brothel prostitutes. I will get to this point.

If you are going to a brothel with a taxi driver, you should know that the price you are quoted includes the taxi driver’s commission. Yes, if you are going to a brothel with a taxi driver, you will pay at least 50% more than the normal price.

I usually use the websites, to find prostitutes. Recently, I started using the website called website is in ukrainian, but I can read the postings using google translate. Prices range from 1000 uah to 2500 uah for 1 hour in Lviv. Speaking for year 2021, you can find a prostitute under 25 years old with a beautiful body and face for 1500-2000 uah for an hour sex service. It’s between $55-$75 at today’s exchange rate.

I usually save the phone number and ask for the price, number of girls and photos via viber or whatsapp with google translate russian. Photos are always more likely to be fake. That’s why I ask for addresses first, see the girls, and then choose them.

Individual Hooker

Individual hookers often serve alone and in their own homes. They don’t come to the hotel room. (usually)

Their good side is that they don’t have bosses, they work a little cheaper and they are more friendly to customers. I have to say that some Ukrainian salon hookers have very robotic sex. With the indivudual hookers whose phone numbers I got from the websites I mentioned above, I get their information  and write in Ukrainian with the help of google translate on viber or whatsapp and  meet in their own apartments. But it’s just a method I use when I can’t find a semi-pro hooker.

Semi-Pro Girls

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find semi-pro girls in Lviv. I usually find semi-pro girls on or tinder. But I could not find a semi-pro girl in Lviv on I tried my luck on Tinder but the result was still the same. Maybe if I had spent a little more time on Tinder, I could have run into semi-pro girls. Instead, I preferred saloon prostitutes and individual prostitutes for sex service.

Now you understand better that there is less choice in Lviv.

Strip Club Dancers

I like some strip clubs in Lviv. High quality, affordable and honest establishments. You can find my Lviv Strip Clubs post here. Strip Clubs in Lviv

But unfortunately, you are unlikely to get sex service in Lviv Strip Clubs. At the Pink Show Girls Strip Club, I asked two girls to come to my room at different times during the private dance. Both refused. At the Eros Show Bar, I think some girls will agree to come to your room. But I didn’t stay long in this club because I didn’t like the greedy attitude of the girls.

In fact, as long as you are willing to pay high wages, I think that in other strip clubs, girls can come your apartment  before working hours. Just a few dancers will refuse $300 for 2 hours. But for a low-budget traveler like me, it would be a waste to pay that much.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know my thoughts. The maximum amount I will pay for 1 hour of sex service for a Ukrainian girl is $100. Not much.

“I do not have a commercial relationship with any of the websites or organizations I mentioned above. I am just sharing my own memories on this website. The prices I have stated in this post are based on my experiences in 2020 and 2021. Note that prices may change over time. If a prostitute asks you for an upfront payment, for whatever reason, do not send her money. If a girl asks you for taxi money or any other excuse, she is a scammer. I either gave the taxi money to the taxi driver when the girl came, or later paid the girl face to face. Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine, as I mentioned earlier. Police see sex tourists as ideal targets for bribery. It is not my intention to disturb you. Remember to be cautious. Have fun!”

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  1. Fantastic site and well prosed with fluent English. Thank you for the invaluable service. Well done friend! On the lack of semi-pro girls in Lviv city, I have a reasonable explanation. But, I will write about that later on. I am pressed for time right now 🙂

    PS: I am Turkish. I am an ardent reader of your essays on website. If you like I would like to contribute here with English translation, revision of the texts and so on. Just for the fun of it, no other expectation whatsoever !

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