Kiev Hookers – Costs and Different Types

Kiev has been one of the largest prostitution centers in Europe since the 90s. Although Ukrainians do not accept this situation, we cannot change the facts by denying them.

Over time, like many things, the prostitution industry has undergone some changes. I think the thing that has changed the most is the sudden price increase in the prostitution sector. 4-5 years ago, a beautiful girl in her 20s was asking an average of $30-40 for an hour of sex service. Now, the same service costs between $80-$200. This is an incredibly rapid rise in price. The increase in the number of Arabs, Turks, Americans, Indians and Chinese coming to Kiev for sex trips in recent years has led to higher prices. But despite everything, Kiev is still one of the cities in Europe where you can find beautiful Slavic prostitutes cheaply. Just you need some advice 🙂

Saloon Hookers in Kiev

Although prostitution is illegal in Ukraine, it is generally tolerated. I think the penalty in law for prostitutes is a small fee of around 250 uah. Of course, you can guess that corrupt cops earn much more than saloon owners or individual prostitutes.

Without further ado, I’m starting to share my experiences.

Saloon Hookers

Brothels throughout Ukraine provide service in apartments. In many salons 3-10 girls work overnight. When you enter the house, the girls line up in their underwear, you can choose the girl you like and either take her to one of the bedrooms in the apartment or to your own hotel room. These houses are hidden because brothels are illegal in Ukraine. From the outside, it is no different from a normal apartment. The 3 most basic ways to visit houses and find prostitutes. 1-) Taxi drivers 2-) Internet Advertisements 3-) Tourist guides

There is a fourth option for Kiev. Young people distributing business cards of brothels. Young people handing out business cards wander around Arena City. They will take you to the brothels if you want. Of course, like taxi drivers, they receive commissions from whorehouse owners.

I have visited brothels before with the help of taxi drivers. But with the spread of the internet, I no longer need it. In fact, in recent years I no longer need brothel prostitutes. I will get to this point.

If you are going to a brothel with a taxi driver, you should know that the price given to you includes the taxi driver’s commission. Yes, if you are traveling to a brothel with a taxi driver, you will pay at least 50% more than the normal fare.

Prostitutes in Kiev. Hookers in Kiev. Sex Price in Kiev

I usually use, websites to find prostitutes. Recently, I started using the site called The site is in Russian, but I can read the articles using google translate. Prices in Kiev range from 1200 uah to 3500 uah for 1 hour. If we talk for the year 2021, for 2000-3000 uah for an hour of sex service you can find a prostitute under 25 age with a beautiful body and face. It’s between $75-$110 at today’s exchange rate.

 I usually save the phone number and ask the price, the number of girls and their photos via google translate russian via viber or whatsapp. Photos are always more likely to be fake. So first I ask for addresses, I see the girls, then I choose them.

Individual Hookers

Individual prostitutes often serve alone and in their own homes. They don’t come to the hotel room. (usually)

The upsides are that they don’t have bosses, they work a little cheaper, and they’re more friendly to customers. I must say that some Ukrainian salon prostitutes have very robotic sex. I get their information with individual prostitutes whose phone numbers I got from the sites I mentioned above, write them in Russian via google translate or whatsapp and meet at their apartments. But that’s just a method I use when I can’t find a semi-professional hooker.

Semi-Pro Girls

The most logical way to find semi-professional girls in Kiev is to use and tinder apps. Unfortunately, does not have as many girls as before, but still works. My tactic is this. “Hello how are you?” I will send a russian message to the girl with the help of google translate. If I get an answer, my second question is “I want to have some fun with financial support, are you interested?” According to the response, we clarify the money issue and other details. But before you write a message like this to a girl, I suggest you review her profile. Many girls are looking for a normal relationship in these apps.

Many tourists try to find semi-pro girls in nightclubs. Although possible, I don’t think it makes sense. You can find semi-pro girls in nightclubs like Caribbean Club. But they will charge a high price, and I don’t think it’s reasonable to take a prostitute to my room while I’m drunk.

Semi Pro Girls in Kiev. Mamba girls in Kiev. sex prices in Kiev

Semi-pro girls can sometimes offer very high prices due to wealthy tourists. But you can convince a beautiful semi-pro girl to  $100+taxi for 1 hour of sex service. There are many beautiful girls who would even agree to provide 2 hours of sex for that price. In the spring of 2020, several girls I met on agreed to come to my house for 2000 uah for 2 hours. So for $75.

Individual Prostitutes in Kiev. sex prices in Kiev

Of course, I agree that in 2021 the prices will increase even more.

By the way, there are many girls on and tinder who are looking for a boyfriend for a normal relationship. Therefore, before offering money to a girl, I recommend that you review her profile.

Also, never prepay anyone for any reason. If a girl asks you for a prepay , you will probably be scammed.


Another good thing about Kiev is that even the dancers in the most luxurious Strip Clubs will accept to come to your hotel for money. I should mention that the Strip Clubs in Kiev are the most expensive strip clubs in Ukraine. Despite this, they are still cheaper than their counterparts in Western Europe and the USA.

Strip Clubs in Kiev. Strippers in Kiev.

In the spring of 2021, it cost 6000 uah to take a dancer at the Harem Men’s Club to his hotel room for 2 hours. That’s around $225. Deposit fees and sex service prices of strip clubs in Kiev change very often according to the touristdensity. Frankly, for this reason, I don’t think that strip clubs in Kiev are very honest establishments, no matter how luxurious and high-end. I explained these issues in my post on Strip Clubs in Kiev.

“I do not have a commercial relationship with any of the websites or organizations I mentioned above. I am just sharing my own memories on this website. The prices I have stated in this post are based on my experiences in 2020 and 2021. Note that prices may change over time. If a prostitute asks you for an upfront payment, for whatever reason, do not send her money. If a girl asks you for taxi money or any other excuse, she is a scammer. I either gave the taxi money to the taxi driver when the girl came, or later paid the girl face to face. Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine, as I mentioned earlier. Police see sex tourists as ideal targets for bribery. It is not my intention to disturb you. Remember to be cautious. Have fun!”

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