Erotic Massage in Lviv – Costs And Advices

Erotic Massage in Lviv

In terms of erotic massage parlors, Lviv does not offer as many options as in Kiev, but I guess you will still have a good time.

By the way, sex services are not offered in erotic massage parlors in Lviv, as in other cities. But of course, you can agree with the masseuse and have her come to your hotel room outside of working hours. This is an expensive method that I do not recommend. If you are looking for prostitutes in Lviv, I recommend you to take a look at my post.

In this article, I have listed the most popular erotic massage parlors in Lviv for you. I shared the prices and my own experience. Without further ado, I’ll start.

Paradise Massage Saloon

Paradise is the most famous massage parlor in Lviv and in my opinion the best. Lots of girls work in this massage parlor and most of the girls are professionals in massage. Providing service 24/7, the establishment is 1.5 km away from Rynoq Square.

When I talked to other people about Paradise, I heard some of their customers were dissatisfied. Obviously, if you are purchasing a service, it is possible to encounter this situation even in the best institution. The fact that the girl you choose is friendly and willing is a big factor.

For this reason, I recommend that you look at her facial expressions when choosing a masseuse. You are unlikely to get good service from a sullen girl, no matter how pretty.


90 minutes Paradise Massage : 1600 uah.
60 minutes Gold Massage : 1500 uah.

You can visit the establishment’s website for current prices:

Empire Massage Saloon

Empire massage parlor is a 10-minute walk from Rynok square. The prices of the most preferred massage programs in this massage parlor vary between 1200-200 uah.

I can’t say that the masseuses are very young, but getting good service depends entirely on your luck.

You can check the current prices and address on the establishment’s website:

Body Nuru Massage Saloon

Body Nuru Massage Salon is located right in the city center in Lviv. 400 meters from Rynoq Square.

I decided to go to this massage parlor after reading google reviews. Usually local men made comments and most of the comments were positive. But I can say that I was disappointed. There were 3 girls in Parlor. All three girls were sullen. I chose the girl with the least sullen face. But I cannot say that I am satisfied with the service. Maybe I was unlucky. If I had chosen one of the other girls, perhaps I would have been pleased. That’s why I don’t want to disparage the establishment.


60 Minutes Hot Pleasure Massage: 1500 uah.
90 Minutes Hot Pleasure Massage: 2000 uah.

Establishment’s Website:

There are a few more erotic massage parlors in the city, but I will not share it here because I have not experienced it and google comments are also negative.

“I have no commercial affiliation with any organization in this post. I am only sharing my experience on this website. Note that price and service quality may change over time. Have fun!”

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