Erotic Massage in Kiev

Kiev is famous not only for Nightclubs, Strip Clubs and young prostitutes, but also for 24/7 erotic massage parlors. Some erotic massage parlors are establishments with poor service and high prices, opened only for tourists. Therefore, in this article, I will list the erotic massage parlors where you can get the best service at a reasonable price. Before I start my post, I must say that erotic massage parlors in Kiev do not offer sex services. Of course, you can negotiate with the masseuse and buy sex for a high price. But there is no sex service in the programs of erotic massage parlors in Kiev.

Most of the massage parlors in Kiev provide body to body massage service. So the girl lubricates you, lubricates herself, then massages you with her body, her breasts, and finally handjob. In some massage programs they let you touch the girl. These details vary depending on the massage program you choose and the price. Before choosing a massage program, I recommend asking for details and reading through the establishment’s website.

By the way, I do not speak Russian and I ask for the number of masseuses, address, current price information from the whatsapp or viber phones number of the organizations using google translate. In fact, it is possible to find an English-speaking secretary in many organizations, but if you cannot find an English-speaking secretary, this method will also work for you.

I guess i have given enough preliminary information. I guess I can get on the list now.

Red Light Massage

Red Light Massage Parlor is not the most famous massage parlor in Kiev, but it is one of the best serviced salons. A little far from the city centre. Therefore, it is not very well known to tourists. Actually, that’s a good thing. Because I have seen many times that the quality of service deteriorates very quickly in establishments flooded with tourists.

Erotic Massage in Kiev

A friendly welcome is available at this massage parlor. I also think that their masseuses love their job. Another good thing is that you can call the masseuse to the house/hotel.


1 hour erotic massage: 1000 uah

1 hour 30 minutes erotic massage : 1500 uah

Departure to the client for one hour : 1700 UAH+ taxi fee
The establishment’s website for address information and current prices:

Salon Dream Massage Parlor

Salon Dream is one of the most famous and best quality massage parlors in Kiev. It is about 2 km from Freedom Square. They send you the entrance address of the establishment as a video via whatsapp. This is a feature I like.

Erotic Massage in Kiev

There are a lot of girls in Salon Dream. I can say that it was a friendly welcome. Some masseuses are really beautiful. I recommend making a reservation in advance as it is a famous establishment. In fact, I always recommend making a reservation before going to such adult service establishments.


1 Hour Elite Erotic Massage : 1300 uah

1 Hour Vip Erotic Massage : 1500 uah

The establishment’s website for address information and current prices:

Afrodita Massage Club

Afrodita Massage Club is located close to the city center. Just 200 meters from Freedom Square. In addition to massage programs for couples, male masseur services are also available for female customers. There are also massage programs where two masseuses serve at the same time. Of course, this option is available in many massage parlors.

Erotic Massage in Kiev

I think that the number of girls in this massage parlor is sufficient. Although I don’t remember the name, I still remember the legs of a tall brown masseuse. 🙂

Prices :

1 Hour Double Pleasure:  1300 uah

1 Hour Double Pleasure (2 Girls) :  2500 uah

The establishment’s website for address information and current prices:

Topless Massage Parlor

I think Topless Massage Parlor is the establishment with the most luxurious interior design among erotic massage parlors in Kiev. Prices are slightly higher (but just slightly) compared to other establishments. The location is in the city centre. 300 meters from  Kreschatik street.

Erotic Massage in Kiev

Many beautiful girls also work in this massage parlor. The service quality is high. The downside for me is that it’s in high demand. That’s why they want you to hurry to pick the girls.


1 hour Vip Massage:   1300 uah

2 hour Deluxe Massage:  2000 uah

The establishment’s website for address information and current prices:

Erotic Time Massage Parlor

Erotic Time Massage Parlor offers massage programs that are slightly cheaper than other establishments on this list. For the price, I can say that the service quality is good. It is about 4 km from Independence Square.

Erotic Massage in Kiev


1 Hour Erotic Standart:  900 uah

75 Minute All Inclusive:  2100 uah

Departure to the client for one hour:  1500 uah+taxi fee

The establishment’s website for address information and current prices:

There are other erotic massage parlors in Kiev that are not included in this list, but I have taken into consideration the number of masseuses and institutions with high quality of service while preparing the list. If you have experiences about other erotic massage parlors, I would be glad if you write them as a comment.

“I have no commercial affiliation with any organization in this post. I am only sharing my experience on this website. Note that price and service quality may change over time. Have fun!”

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